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Niels Hoefsloot, partner

nielsgifNiels Hoefsloot is an economist and partner of Decisio since the beginning of 2007. He is responsible for economic and policy research in various fields. He has worked for Decisio since 1998, first as a (senior) consultant, later as manager of Decisio’s transportation research unit and as an advisor on industrial economics and antitrust issues.

Niels started his career at the Transport Research Centre of the Dutch Ministry of Transport. Besides projects on transport and industrial economics he has conducted studies in the field of spatial economics, information technology, environmental impact and NGO’s. He is an expert in policy analyses and evaluations using economic tools such as cost benefit analysis. Furthermore, he is experienced in feasibility studies and business planning for various projects and organisations. Niels can be characterised as a frank, level headed, critical analyst. His interests in transport and technology extend beyond his professional life—in his spare time he has a passion for electronics and motorcycling.


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