Jaap Broer joined Decisio in June 2006 as partner and economic consultant. Before Decisio, he worked for six years as a senior consultant and regional manager at the Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam. In these functions, Jaap was responsible for lobbying, research and advising governments in the fields of seaports, infrastructure, transportation, regional economics, urban development, retail and business locations.

In the period of 1992-2000 he worked as a (senior) consultant and project manager at KPMG Bureau voor Economische Argumentatie (BEA, 1992 – 1999) and KPMG Metrum (1999 – 2000) for national, regional and local governments, semi-public organisations, branch organisations and chambers of commerce. At Decisio, Jaap works on expanding these experiences by means of consulting projects concerning regional economics, infrastructure, seaports, public private partnerships, market research, position papers and evaluation studies.