Bicycle use in Lima Peru

Cost-Benefit Analysis for stimulating bicycle use among firms in San Isidro

San Isidro is the central business district (CBD) of Lima, Peru. Hence, lots of large firms and ministries are housed in this district. As a result, there is a concentration of economic activity and associated movements, which are predominantly made by motorized vehicles. In order to mitigate the traffic intensity, the municipality of San Isidro tries to activate the firms to encourage and stimulate daily bicycle use among their employees.

A tool to determine benefits

Decisio has, in collaboration with the Dutch Embassy in Lima, developed an user-friendly tool. The tool can be used to calculate the financial benefits for firms from having higher bicycle use among employees. The benefits are calculated per individual firm and on the level of the employees, firm, and finally the society.

Decisio: economic consulting

Over the last few years Decisio | Economic Consulting specialised in economic studies of cycling and bikenomics. Our studies identify and address cycling issues and opportunities in cities, help to create strategies to deliver economic impact and help to establish supporting public programmes.

Decisio | Economic Consulting has broad experience in the field of economic research and consulting with regard to the bicycle, cycling, bicycle economics and bicycles impact on society. Based in a cycling city and country (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) ‘par excellence’ we can build on extensive knowledge on the benefits of cycling to cities and countries. During the last years we specialised in:

  • Research on insights in all social costs and benefits of the bicycle / cycling (SCBA method)
  • Economic impact analyses of the city ‘cycling’ economy
  • Feasibility studies and business cases for:
  • Investments in cycling infrastructure and measures such as bicycle lanes, bicycles highway routes, bicycle bridges, safety etc.
  • Bicycle parkings, facilities and measures
  • Mobility scans
  • Market inventories

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