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‘Handshake’: exchange of cycling knowledge and experience


Cycling Capitals in Europe The CIVITAS Handshake project started in September 2018 with a Kick-Off Meeting in Copenhagen. The goal of the project is to enable the exchange of knowledge and experience on cycling in cities from three

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The Hague lives up to slogan ‘International City of Peace and Justice’

International City of Peace and Justice The Hague continues to reap the benefits from its status as International City of Peace and Justice. For the fifth time Decisio conducted the economic impact analysis of international

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Decisio flies to Italy for the Sustainable Mobility Week

Italy seeks the bicycle Italy is known worldwide for its beautiful cities, long history, great food, art and culture. But also for its car-centric transport system. Over the last 50 years, Italian transport policies have

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Amsterdam choses the bridge over the IJ

Amsterdam choses the bridge over the IJ The city of Amsterdam wants to improve the crossing between Amsterdam North and the rest of the city with the project ‘Jump over the IJ‘. Different options were

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New Decisio colleague: Ingrid Laane

Since June 2017, the Decisio team has been strengthened with a new colleague: Ingrid Laane. Ingrid is 31 years old and lives in Amsterdam. Ingrid is employed as a consultant at Decisio and is engaged

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Customized and thoughtful business case determines successful R&D schemes

An interesting question which is remarkably not enough discussed in evaluation studies is: what characteristics of schemes, projects and applicants determine the success of R&D instruments. Understanding these features can make economic policy stimulous more

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Interim policy evaluation of current water safety programs: “Space for the River”, “Meuse Work” and “High Water Protection Program 2”


The Netherlands is a real waterworld. The government, provinces, municipalities and water boards work together with private parties and citizens to provide adequate flood protection. The starting point of the new standards for water safety is

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Cycling in Utrecht yields 250 million euros annually

Utrecht profits of a quarter of a billion euros annually in direct and indirect socio-economic benefits thanks to cycling. The city would have lost that amount in terms of health care, air quality measures, traffic

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Economic analysis of international workers, professionals and students in the Netherlands

Dutch economy: further internationalisation Human capital – in the form of foreign workers – plays an important role in the internationally-driven Dutch economy. The increasing international mobility of workers, students and self-employed and other groups in our country

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Investing in urban cycling is highly efficient!

Increasing the number of kilometers cycled by 20%: the social benefits Tour de Force (a partnership between governments, companies, civil society organisations and research institutes) wants to increase the number of kilometres cycled by 20%

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